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1. Drive up stay in your vehicle CALL 859-525-6984 we will come out and write estimate at car side. We will take pictures and email you a copy. OR…

2. Send us pictures via phone or email we will create initial estimate of visible damage and email you a copy.

3. Performance personnel will call to thoroughly discuss estimate and repair options.

4. Performance employees will handle all insurance communications and rental reservations for you.


1. Drop vehicle off anytime day or night using envelope vehicle drop system

2. If your Vehicle is derivable we can safely pickup and or deliver at your home or business without personal contact. We also can make arrangements for the vehicle to be towed to our shop.


Performance Body Repair will handle all Insurance Claim processing, Rental car reservations, and repair process updates throughout entire transaction safely via Phone, Text, or email. 


Process Claim Payment or deductible via credit card over the phone.


Vehicle will be cleaned and sanitized in our detail department and you can arrange safe pick up without personal contact.

Performance Body Repair wants to exceed your expectations for a convenient, safe, quality repair backed by our Lifetime Workmanship Guarantee. We want to provide flexible customer friendly solutions during this challenging period.

The health and safety of you our customer and our community, remains our highest priority. Please let us know how we can assist you in this regard.


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QUALITY is our #1 GOAL


Quality is  the number one goal at Performance Body Repair. Our owner, Wayne  Maxwell, along with Partner and Shop Manager James Fultz, have worked  tirelessly to establish Performance Body Repair as the go-to auto body  shop in the Florence, Burlington and Hebron, Kentucky area.

We  know there are many options when it comes to selecting which collision  center to choose. We're confident our highly certified and award winning  staff of 13, consisting of:

  • Body & Frame Specialists
  • Paint Masters
  • Parts Specialists
  • Detail Experts
  • and our exceptionally friendly and efficient Administrative Department

will WOW you with our professionalism and overall experience.

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Remember, all collision work performed at Performance Body Repair comes with a

FREE limited lifetime warranty.

So, if you're in need of minor to serious auto body repair, then look no further.

Performance Body Repair is here for you. Simply call

(859) 525-6984 or fill out our simple contact form below.

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The Staff at Performance Body Repair

Our Quality Promise

We're committed to providing a stress-free experience to both new and returning customers. Our shop only uses parts from reputable brands to ensure that your vehicle is always ready to drive.


The More You Know!


Performance Body Repair | Frequently Asked Questions

First, facts you should know:

-No law requires you to get more than one estimate.

-You are not obligated to use any particular body shop for your vehicle repairs. You  have full control of the auto body shop you choose and the authorized  repairs.

-You do not have to accept the Insurance Company's appraisal of damage. Check the  Appraisal Clause in your policy about how to resolve any differences.

-You are responsible for the cost of repairs. Financial arrangements with insurance  companies and deductibles, if applicable, are best worked out up front. Let  Performance Body Repair do all the work for you and take the stress out  of the collision repair and insurance communication process. It's what we do and it's our pleasure to help.

1. What do I do in case of an Accident?

Most importantly, stay calm.  If there are injuries, call 911 immediately. Do not move your vehicle,  unless you are in immediate danger and it would be safer to get your  vehicle in a different location. You should get the name of the person  (s) driving the other vehicle (s) involved along with their phone  number, driver's license, vehicle license and insurance information. Try  to obtain any witness' name and phone number (s). Note the location,  time and date. Use your camera phone to take pictures of the scene,  vehicle damage and witnesses.

2. Your Rights as a Consumer

If  you're involved in an accident, you have the right to determine where  you want your vehicle towed and where you to choose to have your vehicle  repaired. A high-quality collision repair shop will arrange towing for  you, perform high-quality repairs and work with your insurance company. Performance Body Repair will be there for you every step of the way.

3. How to Choose a Body Shop

Only choose a body shop like Performance Body Repair that provides a complete written estimate, follows a structured repair  process for every vehicle and features trained, certified repair  experts. A national affiliation usually reflects higher quality repair  standards, as does a nationwide warranty. Look for a body shop that uses  the highest-quality parts and products to restore your vehicle, who  will keep you informed throughout the repair process, provides excellent  customer service, delivers your vehicle on time, and conducts a  thorough inspection of all repairs before putting you back on the road.

4. About the Repair Process

Our repair process at Performance Body Repair begins as soon as you choose our auto repair shop to repair your  vehicle. When you choose our shop, we will work with your insurance  agent or insurance company involved in this process. We will conduct a  thorough disassembly of all damaged areas of the vehicle to determine  any structural or mechanical damage and will order the needed parts for  your vehicle and then complete the repair. Once the repair is complete,  we will conduct a detailed inspection of the interior and exterior of  your vehicle to ensure a quality repair.

5. Understanding Your Estimate

Your Performance Body Repair estimate will include a thorough inspection of the work to be done on  your vehicle, a description of the repair parts to be used, what items  your insurance will and will not cover and the expected amount of the  repair. One of the reasons estimates may differ from another shop is  thoroughness of the appraisal process. Some estimates may leave  necessary repairs out of the initial estimate, causing the amount to be  different from another facility. Performance Body Repair thoroughly  identifies the steps necessary for a quality and safe repair for your  vehicle.

6. Information about Your Deductible

If  your insured vehicle sustains physical damage as a result of a  collision with another car, fixed object or your vehicle sustains damage  related to some type of covered comprehensive peril (fire, theft,  malicious mischief, vandalism, windstorm, hail, etc) your auto policy  declaration pages will indicate the applicable deductible. It’s always  important to double check the accuracy of your policy information with  your insurance company before and after a loss. Your deductible is due  when you pick up the vehicle after repairs are complete. We do not offer  financing for deductibles, but we do accept cash, most credit cards and  personal checks.

7. What Constitutes a Quality Repair

A  quality repair begins with a comprehensive inspection to fully assess  the damage and repairs needed to the vehicle. A structured repair  process should be used to ensure the repair meets the vehicle  manufacturer’s standards. A thorough repair should be performed by  experts with I-CAR and ASA certifications, and training in the latest  vehicle materials and technology and uses quality parts/products with a  guarantee should be used to restore your vehicle to pre-accident  condition. Performance Body Repair employs 13 of the best and top rated technicians in the area. Before  the vehicle is returned to you, a thorough interior and exterior  inspection and a test drive should be completed to ensure the repair  meets your standards.

8. Warranty Information

Performance Body Repair offers full lifetime limited warranty on paint, unibody and framework  for however long you own your vehicle. If your vehicle is still under a  manufacturer’s warranty, it doesn’t mean it has to be repaired at a  dealership. Most dealerships do not have their own collision repair  facility and outsource their vehicles for repairs. Your vehicle's  warranty is with your vehicle's manufacturer, not with the dealership.

9. What to Do in Case of Storm Damage

In  Northern Kentucky and Southern Ohio, weather is quite unpredictable. So  if your vehicle has suffered damage from being in a storm, call your  insurance agent first to report the damage. Take photos of the car where  it was damaged, including any branches, water damage, mud or other  elements. If you car has been submerged in water, do not drive it as  mechanical and electrical elements may have been damaged. Trust your  vehicle in the caring and skilled hands of the professionals at Performance Body Repair.  We've been in business for over 19 years because of the outstanding  work we do and because we treat our customers right. Remember, it is  best to choose a local auto body shop to do the storm repairs in case  complications arise months after the repairs.

10. Car Care Tips

Once the professionals at Performance Body Repair have finished repairing your vehicle, there are some car care tips to  follow to keep your vehicle looking its best outside and in. Click the  button below for car care tips.​